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NEDA Authorized Texas Instruments Distributor
Texas Instruments

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Texas Instruments Products
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Texas Instruments Incorporated designs and manufactures analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors. TI is a leader in semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and applications processing. A global semiconductor company, TI innovates through design, sales and manufacturing operations in more than 30 countries.

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Texas Instruments Product Line

Displays (309) Lasers (25)
Drivers (1,112) LED Lighting (898)
Fibre Optics (1) Optical Detectors and Sensors (6)
Infrared Data Communications (1)
Engineering Tools (3,778) RF / Wireless Modules (25)
Power Management Modules (2)
Active Filters (31) Equalisers (90)
Amplifier ICs (11,282) Integrated Circuits - ICs (67,692)
Attenuators - ICs (7) Interface ICs (5,347)
Audio ICs (2,414) Logic ICs (14,334)
Clock & Timer ICs (989) Memory (209)
Communication & Networking ICs (302) Multimedia ICs (115)
Counter ICs (705) Power Management ICs (21,112)
Data Converter ICs (4,923) Programmable Logic ICs (46)
Digital Potentiometer ICs (8) RF Integrated Circuits (711)
Discrete Semiconductors (334) RF Semiconductors (711)
Driver ICs (1,112) Sensor ICs (23)
Embedded Processors & Controllers (3,798) Switch ICs (2,786)
Engineering Development Tools (3,778)
ESD Suppressors (87) TVS Diodes (18)
EMI/RFI Components (9) Potentiometers, Trimmers & Rheostats (8)
Frequency Control & Timing Devices (15)
Headers & Wire Housings (1) Memory Connectors (1)
IC & Component Sockets (1)
Cable Assemblies (1) Fiber Optic (1)
Motors & Drives (4)
Capacitive Touch Sensors (1) Optical Sensors (5)
Environmental Sensors (5) Sensor Development Tools (64)
Magnetic Sensors (39) Temperature Sensors (711)
Enclosures, Boxes & Cases (1)
Temperature Sensors (711)
DC/DC Converters (733) Power Supplies (1)
Power Management ICs (20,334)
Prototyping Products (1)

Texas Instruments New Products


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Texas Instruments products are on Mouser's Applications & Technologies Sites listed below. Select a category to learn about the latest applications and industry trends.

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Texas Instruments Development Tools

Engineering Development Tools help the design engineer evaluate, create, or debug a design based upon a semiconductor device. Development tools come in a variety of formats including starter kits, evaluation boards, debuggers, or a full blown development environment.


Amplifier and Linear Development Tools

Audio Development Tools

Data Conversion Development Tools

Development Software

Interface Development Tools

Power Management Development Tools

Processor Development Tools

Switch IC Development Tools

Video Development Tools

Wireless Connectivity Development Tools

TI Development Tools