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Infrared Emitters - High Power SurflightVCSEL 940nm 145mW/sr, +/-10deg.

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Product Attribute Attribute Value
Product Category: Infrared Emitters - High Power
RoHS:  Details
940 nm
120 mW/sr
20 deg
100 mA
1.55 V
190 mW
- 40 C
+ 85 C
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Brand: Vishay Semiconductors
Fall Time: 10 ns
Height: 2.8 mm
Illumination Colour: Infrared
Length: 2.3 mm
Lens Shape: Dome
Moisture Sensitive: Yes
Product: High Power Infrared Emitters
Product Type: IR Emitters (IR LEDs)
Rise Time: 10 ns
Factory Pack Quantity: 6000
Subcategory: Infrared Data Communications
Tradename: SurfLight
Type: High Speed Infrared Emitting Diode
Viewing Angle: 20 deg
Vr - Reverse Voltage: 5 V
Width: 2.3 mm
Unit Weight: 80,237 mg


High-Power, High-Speed Infrared Emitters

Vishay VSMB294x/VSMY2853 High-Speed, High-Power Infrared Emitters consist of an adapted lens radius to provide wide ±25° and ±28° angles of half intensity. The resulting typical radiant intensity ranges from 20mW/sr to 35mW/sr at a 100mA drive current. Saving space over lensed PLCC2 solutions, the IR emitters are available in compact top-view 2.3mm x 2.3mm x 2.5mm gullwing and reverse gullwing packages, and 2.3mm x 2.55mm x 2.3mm side-view packages. These offer fast switching speeds and low forward voltages, as the Vishay devices feature GaAIAs surface emitter chip (VSMY2853), double hetero (VSMF2893), and multi-quantum well (VSMB2943, VSMB2948) technologies.

SurfLight™ IR Emitters

Vishay Semiconductors SurfLight™ Infrared (IR) Emitters feature 850nm or 940nm peak wavelength, GaAlAs surface emitter chip technology, high radiant power, high optical power, and high speed. SurfLight IR emitters have gullwing or reverse gullwing terminal configurations and are suitable for high pulse current operation. The 940nm IR emitters have a narrower half-degree angle of intensity and better response times for applications. These Vishay compared to the previous generation of IR emitters.

IR Emitters & Silicon PIN Photodiode

Vishay Semiconductors IR Emitters & Silicon PIN Photodiodes are high-speed 830nm to 950nm infrared emitters and package-matched high-speed silicon PIN photodiodes with high radiant sensitivity from 1mW/sr to 1800 mW/sr. Rise and fall times range from 2.5ns to 1000ns. Vishay offers double heterojunction infrared emitters with the lowest forward voltages on the market and highly efficient homojunction emitters. Vishay also offers the broadest selection of high-speed, low dark current PIN photodiodes that are specifically designed to achieve excellent sensitivity together with high reliability.

Image Description
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