3M Connectors 2mm Latch/Eject Headers

3M 2mm pitch latch/eject headers are ideal for mating with other IDC connectors. The latch/ejectors maintain a secure connection to the cable assembly during operation, but also allow for easy removal of the harness when needed. The family features 14 available pin counts from 6 to 50 positions, allowing for design flexibility across applications. The connector bodies feature a cutout to accommodate mating connectors with center bump polarization and are made from PCT resins, allowing for high-temperature processing in lead-free environments up to 260°C.


  • 14 pin counts ranging from 6 to 50 positions
  • Latch/eject mechanism securely latches to socket
  • Roll pins retain latches to body in shipping and high vibration environments
  • Ejector helps make unmating of cable assemblies easier
Published: 2008-02-26 | Updated: 2022-03-11