Adafruit ICM-20649 Wide Range 6-DoF IMU Breakout Board

Adafruit ICM-20649 Wide Range 6-DoF IMU Breakout Board is based on the TDK InvenSense ICM20649, a Wide-Range 6-DoF accelerometer, and Gyro. The ICM20649 is capable of measuring up to ±30g and ±4000dps, which is about twice the range of the typical IMU. This feature allows the user to make sure the measurement range of the IMU is never an issue. The breakout board is only a few mm across and has 0.4mm pitch contacts. To make it easier for users to work with the ICM20649, the sensor is mounted on a breadboard-compatible breakout board. The breakout board includes a voltage regulator and level shifting circuitry to allow the user to use it with a range of devices nearly as large as its measurement ranges. The breakout board works great with the 3.3V logic level of a Feather or Raspberry Pi, or the 5V level of a Metro 328 or Arduino Uno.

The breakout board is ready to work with the most common microcontrollers or SBCs. Since it has I2C, the user can easily connect it up with two data wires plus power and ground. The SparkFun qwiic compatible STEMMA QT connectors have been included for the I2C bus, so there is no need to solder. The user can wire up to a favorite microcontroller with a plug-and-play cable to get 6-DoF data right away. The user can also use the STM32F405 Feather using a STEMMA QT adapter cable. The Stemma QT connectors also mean the ICM20649 can be used with various Adafruit associated accessories. Some drivers and examples have been created for the user. Adafruit wrote libraries and examples for Python and Arduino to make easy interfacing of the ICM20649 breakout. These libraries and examples will help the user to measure a wide range of measurements.

Published: 2020-03-30 | Updated: 2022-03-10