ADLINK Technology NEON-2000-JT2-X NVIDIA® AI Smart Cameras

ADLINK Technology NEON-2000-JT2-X NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 AI Smart Cameras integrate the Jetson™ TX2, an image sensor, an optimized OS, and broad I/O for vision applications. The Smart Cameras are offered in a compact chassis with verified thermal stability, minimizing cabling and space requirements for installation.

The ADLINK NEON-2000-JT2-X NVIDIA Jetson TX2 AI Smart Cameras support four types of image sensors, integration of DI/O, 1x communication port, and 1x LAN port. For harsh environments requiring ingress protection, the NEON2000-JT2-X Series is IP67-certified, enabling AI vision capabilities in critical applications.


  • Integration of Jetson™ TX2 or Jetson™ Xavier NX, image sensor and vision software suites, ready to deploy
  • All-in-one design minimizes cabling, footprint and maintenance
  • FPGA-based DI/O for accurate, real-time triggering
  • USB Type-C port for video, power, and USB simplifies connectivity
  • Choose from four different image sensors
  • DI/O, 1x LAN and 1x COM
  • Supports C-mount lenses
  • IP67-certified


Specification Chart

Chart - ADLINK Technology NEON-2000-JT2-X NVIDIA® AI Smart Cameras
Published: 2021-06-01 | Updated: 2022-03-11