Advanced Thermal Solutions fanSINK™ High Performance Heat Sinks

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) fanSINK™ High-Performance Heat Sinks feature a cross-cut straight-fin structure that allows for omnidirectional airflow for optimal thermal performance independent of the PCB layout. Depending on their size, the fanSINK can be securely clipped onto a device with the ATS maxiGRIP™ attachment system or by using standoff and spring hardware for direct attachment to the PCB. The stainless-steel screw fan attachment ensures a dependable long-term fan-to-heat sink connection (fan not included). These heat sinks include pre-assembled thermal interface material (TIM) centered on the base to ensure proper thermal transfer between the component and heat sink.


  • Cross-cut or X-Cut straight-fin heat sink maximizes fan airflow for more efficient cooling
  • Heat sink securely attaches to a fan with stainless steel screws, ensuring reliable fan/heat sink assembly and performance (note: fan is not included)
  • Smaller fanSINKs assemblies (27mm to 45mm) are mounted onto hot components with maxiGRIP, which utilizes a tight plastic frame clip and stainless steel spring clip
  • Larger fanSINKs (53mm to 84mm) fit tightly on components and attach firmly to PCBs with standoff and spring hardware
  • FanSINKs are pre-assembled with Chomerics T-412 thermal adhesive tape (smaller sizes) or with Chomerics T-766 phase change thermal interface material (larger sizes)
  • MaxiGRIP keep-out requirements: unpopulated border zone of 5mm around the component is necessary to facilitate the installation of maxiGRIP or its removal


  • Anywhere spot cooling is needed due to constrained system airflow
  • Smaller footprint CPUs or FPGAs used in edge computing or embedded computing
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of components


Published: 2013-03-19 | Updated: 2023-01-24