Advanced Linear Devices EH300 / EH301 EPAD Energy Harvesting Modules

Advanced Linear Devices EH300 / EH301 EPAD® Energy Harvesting™ Modules accept energy from many types of electrical energy sources and store this energy to power conventional 3.3V and 5.0V electrical circuits and systems. These modules are completely self-powered and always in the active mode. They are intended for low power intermittent duty cycle sampled data or condition-based monitoring/ extreme lifespan applications. This series accepts instantaneous input voltages ranging from 0.0V to +/-500V AC or DC as well as input currents from 200nA to 400mA from energy harvesting sources that produce electrical energy ineither a steady or an intermittent and irregular manner with varying source impedances. The EH300 / EH301 modules condition the stored energy to provide power at output voltage and current levels that are within the limits of a particular electronic system power supply specifications. 

Advanced Linear Devices EH300 / EH301 EPAD Energy Harvesting Modules are well suited for use in sensor interface circuits, transducer biasing circuits, capacitive and charge integration circuits, biochemical probe interfaces, signal conditioning, and portable instruments.


  • Eliminates manual and elaborate system trimming procedures
  • Remote-controlled automated trimming
  • In-System Programming capability
  • No external components
  • No internal clocking noise source


  • Sensor interface circuits
  • Transducer biasing circuits
  • Capacitive and charge integration circuits
  • Biochemical probe interface
  • Signal conditioning
  • Portable instruments
Published: 2008-02-21 | Updated: 2022-03-11