Amphenol Aerospace R-VPX Ruggedized High-Speed Connectors

Amphenol Aerospace R-VPX Ruggedized High-Speed Board-to-Board Connectors are capable of data rates in excess of 10Gbps. The connectors feature PCB wafer construction with customized wafer-loading patterns and offer modularity and flexibility. These next-generation backplane connectors are designed and qualified for data rates in excess of 32Gb/s and meet the performance requirements of VITA 46 and 47. They are qualified to VITA 46 for Open VPX applications. The series is intermateable with existing VITA 46 backplane connectors. Amphenol Aerospace R-VPX connectors are ideal for military applications in harsh environments.


  • Qualified to VITA 46 for Open VPX applications
  • Fully inter-mountable and inter-mateable to existing VITA 46 connectors
  • Meets and exceeds VITA 47
  • Modular COTS lightweight connector system
  • Low mating force connector system
  • Pin-Less backplane connector family
  • Supports 0.8" card slot pitches
  • Up to 140 signals per inch
  • 1.5A contact current rating
  • Smaller compliant contacts for increase Si performance
  • Intermateable with existing/legacy VITA 46 connectors


  • Military/Aerospace
  • Embedded computing
  • Open VPX


Published: 2020-10-14 | Updated: 2023-08-18