Amprobe SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter

Amprobe SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter optimizes the placement of solar systems and verifies window efficiency. The device measures solar output that is used to calculate the overall energy, efficiency, and placement of solar systems. Amprobe SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter offers a convenient-to-read display with remote sensor technology. Other features include data hold, and selectable measurement units either W/mor BTU / ( ft2 x h). Applications include solar radiation measurements, solar power research, labs, meteorology, agriculture, and more.    


  • Convenient-to-read display with remote sensor technology
  • Measures the solar power and transmission up to 2000 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2 x h)
  • Transmission mode - calculates solar power transmission percentage of material (for example, how much solar power in % will be transmitted through the window)
  • Power mode - measurement of the power per unit area of incident solar radiation
  • Selectable measurement units either W/m2 or BTU / ( ft2 x h)
  • Data hold
  • Max/min functions to identify locations with maximum or minimum power


  • Windows performance - calculation and verification of the heating or heat reduction caused by direct sunlight
  • Solar radiation measurements
  • Physics and optical laboratories
  • Solar power research for location of the solar panels or solar water heater
  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture


Amprobe BAT-500 Battery Impedance Tester offers quick and accurate battery testing without taking the batteries offline. Comparator function with pass / fail indication speeds testing of batteries up to 500Ah.

Published: 2010-01-29 | Updated: 2022-04-19