Analog Devices Inc. ADuM4221, ADuM4221-1 & ADuM4221-2 Eval Boards

Analog Devices Inc. ADuM4221/-1/-2 Evaluation Boards (EVAL-ADuM4221EBZ, EVAL-ADuM4221-1EBZ, and EVAL-ADUM4221-2EBZ) provide a demonstration and development platform for the ADuM4221/-1/-2 Isolated Half-Bridge Gate Drivers. The ADuM4221/-1/-2 employ iCoupler® technology to provide independent and isolated high-side and low-side outputs. Combining high speed CMOS and monolithic transformer technology, these isolation components provide outstanding performance characteristics superior to the alternatives, such as the combination of pulse transformers and gate drivers.  

The ADuM4221 Evaluations Boards feature jumpers and screw terminals to configure different drive conditions.

The EVAL-ADuM4221EBZ Evaluation Board is populated with the ADuM4221, which has VIA and VIB inputs and dead time control. The EVALADuM4221EBZ operates with square waves and DC values on the VIA, VIB, and DISABLE pins.

The EVAL-ADuM4221-1EBZ Evaluation Board is populated with the ADuM4221-1, which has a single PWM input and dead time control. The EVAL-ADuM4221-1EBZ operates with square waves and DC values on the PWM and DISABLE pins.

The EVAL-ADuM4221-2EBZ is populated with the ADuM4221-2, which has the VIA and VIB. The EVAL-ADuM4221-2EBZ operates with square waves and dc values on the VIA, VIB, and DISABLE pins.

The ADuM4221/-1/-2 Evaluation Boards include a provision for the high-side supply to be bootstrapped to the lowside supply. The Evaluation Boards facilitate testing of the propagation delay, drive strength, dead time operation, and the input logic of the device. The Boards also include footprints for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) and Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) in TO-220 and TO-252 packages, enabling the ADuM4221, ADuM4221-1, or ADuM4221-2 to be evaluated with many different power devices.


  • Adjustable dead time
  • Output voltage range to 35V
  • Screw terminals for easy connectivity
  • Pad placement for external series gate resistors
  • Pad placement for capacitive load testing
  • Supports TO-220 or TO-252 IGBTs or MOSFETs
  • Bootstrap option
  • Jumper placement for easy half bridge setup

Required Equipment

  • Primary side power supply of 0V to 6.5V at 100mA
  • 2 secondary side supplies of 0V to 35V at 250mA
  • Square wave generator of 0V to 5V
Published: 2020-09-18 | Updated: 2022-03-11