Analog Devices Inc. DC2615A Demo Board for LTC7151S

Analog Devices Inc. DC2615A Demo Board for LTC7151S is a high efficiency monolithic synchronous buck regulator capable of delivering 15A to the load. This regulator features Silent Switcher®2 technology that reduces the switching noise while the internal-MOSFETs of the LTC7151S provide high efficiency over a wide input voltage range. The LTC7151S regulator employs a controlled on-time and valley current mode architecture. This architecture provides a fast load step response by allowing the switch node pulses to compress after the load steps up.


  • Selectable light load operating modes of continuous conduction mode (CCM) or discontinuous mode (DCM)
  • SYNC pin to synchronize the regulator to an external clock
  • LTC7151S high-efficiency monolithic synchronous buck regulator
  • PGOOD pin and RUN pin


  • 3.1V to 20V input voltage range
  • 1.2V ±2% output voltage 
  • 15A maximum output current
  • 1MHz switching frequency
  • 87.6% typical efficiency
Published: 2020-02-07 | Updated: 2022-03-11