Analog Devices Inc. LT3093 Demo Board DC2952A

Analog Devices Inc. LT3093 Demo Board DC2952A is an evaluation board featuring an example circuit based on the LT3093 Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) Negative Linear Regulator. The DC2952A operates over an input range of -3.8V to -20V, and can deliver an output current up to 200mA. It features ultralow noise (0.8µVRMS from 10Hz to 100kHz) and very high PSRR (73dB at 1MHz). The example circuit on the DC2952A features a specialized layout technique to alleviate PSRR degradation and cancel out Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), thus providing the maximum PSRR offered by the LT3093 Regulator.


  • Input Supply Range @ IOUT = 100mA, VOUT = -3.3V (VIN): -20.0V to -3.8V 
  • Input Supply Range @ IOUT = 190mA, VOUT = -3.3V (VIN): -13.0V to -3.8V 
  • Output Voltage Range (VOUT): -3.39V to 2.25V, -3.32V typical
  • Shutdown Input Current (IIN): 3µA

Test Setup

Analog Devices Inc. LT3093 Demo Board DC2952A
Published: 2019-06-26 | Updated: 2022-03-11