Analog Devices Inc. LTC643x Gain Block RF/IF Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc. LTC643x Amplifiers are RF/IF gain block amplifiers with a high linearity (OIP3), low associated noise, and low power distortion. The LTC643x amplifiers draw from a single 5V supply and consume as little as 93mA. The amplifiers operate with excellent linearity from frequencies below 100kHz to beyond 1000MHz. The LTC643x amplifiers are internally matched to 50Ω or 100Ω and provide a typical power gain of 15dB or 20dB. These fixed gain amplifiers offer on-chip bias and temperature compensation to maintain reliable performance when environmental changes occur. Analog Devices LTC643x's high linearity, low noise, and low power dissipation make these amplifiers well-suited for many signal-chain applications.


  • High Linearity
    • 50.0dBm OIP3 at 240MHz into a 100Ω diff load (LTC6430-15)
    • 46.2dBm OIP3 to 240MHz into 50Ω (LTC6431-20)
    • 52dBm OIP3 at 1MHz (LTC6433-15)
    • 47dBm OIP3 to 150MHz (LTC6433-15)
  • Wide bandwidth from below 100kHz to beyond 1000MHz
  • Power Gain
    • 15dB gain (typ) (LTC6430-15, LTC6431-15, LTC6433-15)
    • 20dB gain (typ) (LTC6430-20, LTC6431-20, LTC6433-20)
  • A-grade 100% OIP3 tested at 240MHz
  • Down to 0.6nV/√Hz total input noise
  • S11 < –15dB up to 1.2GHz
  • S22 < –15dB up to 1.2GHz
  • >2.75VP-P linear output swing
  • P1dB = 24.0dBm (LTC6430-15)
  • Insensitive to VCC variation
  • 100Ω differential gain-block operation (LTC6430-15)
  • Internally Matched
    • Input/output internally matched to100Ω diff (LTC6430-15)
    • 50Ω matched 20MHz to 1400MHz (LTC6431-20)
    • 50Ω matched single-ended operation (LTC6431-20)
  • Single 5V supply
  • Unconditionally stable


  • Differential ADC driver
  • Differential IF amplifier
  • OFDM signal chain amplifier
  • 50Ω balanced IF amplifier
  • 75Ω CATV amplifier
  • 700MHz to 800MHz LTE amplifier
  • Single-ended IF amplifier
  • Test equipment
Published: 2017-05-11 | Updated: 2022-03-29