Azoteq IQS680 ProxFusion® Proximity Sensor

Azoteq IQS680 ProxFusion® Proximity Sensor is a multifunctional capacitance, Pyroelectric Infrared Radial (PIR), and inductance sensor with metal detection capabilities. The IQS680 sensor operates in standalone mode or via the I2C protocol. This sensor offers a highly dynamic adjustable PIR sensing range, high sensitivity proximity, and contact detection through a dedicated sensor line. The IQS680 incorporates advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) capabilities for on-chip PIR signal analysis. This sensor comes with an automatic tuning implementation (ATI) algorithm for highly stable, high-sensitivity movement detection. This sensor features an internal voltage regulator and internal capacitor implementation (ICI) to reduce external components. Typical applications include under cabinet lighting (UCL), standard PIR sensor cost reduction, smart lights, night lights, battery powered PIR sensor solutions, and movement detection.


  • Capacitive sensing:
    • 2pF to 200pF external load capacitive load capability
    • Fully adjustable sensing options
    • Mutual- or self-capacitance
  • Inductive sensing: 
    • Distinguishes between ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    • Only external sense coil required (PCB trace)
  • PIR sensing:
    • DSP algorithm for long-range movement detection
    • Automatic drift compensation
  • Multiple integrated User Interface (UI)s
  • ATI for improved performance enhancement (10bit ATI)
  • EEPROM for calibration of data
  • Minimal external components
  • Standard I2C interface
  • Optional Ready (RDY) indication for standalone mode
  • Low power consumption
  • On-chip EEPROM for calibration of data


  • Under cabinet lighting (UCL)
  • Domestic energy-efficient lighting
  • Smart lights
  • Night lights
  • Movement detection
  • Battery-powered PIR sensor solutions


  • 1.8V to 3.6V supply voltage range
  • 0.5V maximum pin voltage
  • 10mA maximum continuous current
  • Battery powered PIR sensors solutions
  • 100V/s minimum power-on slope
  • 3mm x 3mm x 0.7mm 10-pin Dual Flat No-leads (DFN10) package
  • ±6kV Electro Static Discharge (ESD) protection
  • -20°C to +85°C operating temperature range

Application Circuit Diagram

Application Circuit Diagram - Azoteq IQS680 ProxFusion® Proximity Sensor


Published: 2018-05-16 | Updated: 2023-01-20