Basler Embedded Vision Kit with NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Basler Embedded Vision Kit with NVIDIA Jetson Nano is used for MIPI camera module System-on-Module (SoM). This kit is easy-to-use with all components needed to evaluate dart cameras with BCON. The embedded vision kit comes with a dart camera module with S-mount lens, a NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer board, special adapter board, and cabling to connect these components. Additionally, it also includes necessary drivers, system software, and power supply. This development kit offers a complete plug and play design-in package for rapid prototyping of computer vision applications.


  • Standard features:
    • Automatic exposure
    • Exposure mode:
      • Timed (control via API)
    • Automatically adjusts the exposure time
    • Automatic gain
    • Gamma correction
    • Test patterns
  • Color creation and enhancement:
    • Anti-flicker
    • Sharpness
  • Image acquisition control
  • Pixel formats
  • 5V, 4A power supply

Kit Contents

  • daA4200-30mci (S-mount) camera model
  • Boards:
    • Basler BCON for MIPI to Jetson nano developer board
    • NVIDIA Jetson nano developer board
  • Evetar lens M13B0618W F1.8 f6mm 1/3"
  • Cables:
    • 15-pins FFC cable
    • 0.2m FFC cable
  • 5V, 4A power supply
Published: 2020-08-13 | Updated: 2022-06-20