Bel Fuse Circuit Protection

Bel Fuse Circuit Protection features 500VAC/VDC rated ceramic cartridge tube fuses available in a compact 5mm x 20mm or 6.3mm x 32mm package. The 0ADEC / 0ADEP fuses provide fast-acting, high breaking capacity and are designed to UL 248-14 standards. The 0ADKC / 0ADKP fuses offer time-delay, high breaking capacity as well as ceramic tube, silver-plated copper cap construction. These fuses are available in cartridge or pigtail axial leads. Typical applications for Bel Fuse Circuit Protection include industrial power supplies and DC/DC modules.


  • 0ADKC / 0ADKP
    • Time-delay, high breaking capacity
    • Ceramic tube, Silver plated copper cap construction
    • Available in cartridge and pigtail axial leads
    • Full compliance with EU Directive 2011/65/EU and amending directive 2015/863
    • Halogen and lead free
  • 0ADEC / 0ADEP
    • Fast-acting, high breaking capacity fuses
    • Available in cartridge and pigtail axial leads
    • Designed to UL 248-14 standards
    • Halogen and lead free
    • RoHS 2 compliant


  • Industrial power supplies
  • DC/DC modules
Published: 2017-07-25 | Updated: 2022-03-11