Bourns Diodes Design Kits

Bourns Diodes Design Kits offer 20 to 40V repetitive peak reverse voltage range and a forward current of 1A. The Diode Design Kits feature the capability to provide a silicon diode with minimal packaging overhead. Small signal diodes are lead-free with Cu/Ni/Au plated terminations and are compatible with lead-free manufacturing processes. Bourns Diodes Design Kits have a lower profile and provde height savings over other products. 


  • 5.0V to 170V standoff voltage range
  • 3000W to 5000W power dissipation range
  • 300A peak forward surge current
  • RoHS compliant
  • -55°C to +150°C operating temperature range
  • Up to 209V breakdown voltage, depending on the model
Published: 2019-01-04 | Updated: 2023-03-14