Broadcom AEDR-871x Reflective Incremental Encoders

Broadcom AEDR-871x High-Resolution Reflective Incremental Encoders are small 3-channel optical encoders with digital outputs. The AEDR0871x employs Reflective Technology for motion control. The encoders have an operating temperature range of -20°C to 85°C making them suitable for commercial and industrial applications. The AEDR-871x encoders provide great flexibility in resolution range with high resolution (318 LPI) and built-in interpolation.


  • 3-channel reflective technology encoder
  • Digital Output option - 3 channels TTL compatible; 2 channel quadrature (AB) digital outputs for direction sensing and a third channel, Index digital output. Built-in interpolator for 4×, 8×, and 16× interpolation
  • Surface mount leadless package 3.95mm(L)×3.4mm(W)×0.9562mm(H)
  • Operating voltage of 3.3V or 5V supply
  • Built-in LED current regulation, removing the need for an external biasing resistor
  • -20°C to 85°C absolute operating temperature
  • Encoding resolution: 318 (lines/inch, LPI)


  • Ideal for high volume applications:
    • Miniature motors
    • Printers and copiers
    • Card readers
    • Miniature camera module
    • Portable measurement devices
    • Healthcare, lab diagnostic equipment, and portable devices
    • Optometric equipment
    • Consumer and industrial product applications

Output Waveform

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom AEDR-871x Reflective Incremental Encoders

Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom AEDR-871x Reflective Incremental Encoders
Published: 2015-05-07 | Updated: 2022-03-11