Infineon Technologies MOBL™ Async SRAMs

Infineon Technologies MOBL™ Async SRAM devices comprise a broad portfolio with densities ranging from 64Kb to 64Mb. The MOBL SRAMs are available in industry-standard voltage, bus width, and package options. The devices offer Standby Power Dissipation (maximum) specifications. The MOBL Asynchronous SRAMs are ideal for battery-powered and battery-backed solutions across various application segments. The MOBL SRAM devices are available in industrial, automotive, and radiation-hardened temperature grades.


  • Excellent power consumption
  • x8, x16 and x32 Multiple bus-width configurations
  • 1.8V to 5.0V Wide operating voltage range
  • Error correcting code (ECC) to detect/correct single-bit errors
  • Bit-interleaving to avoid multibit errors
  • Error indication (ERR) pin to indicate single-bit errors


  • Industrial automation
  • Consumer
  • Data processing
  • Medical
Published: 2014-04-30 | Updated: 2023-04-25