KYOCERA AVX Accu-P® Thin Film Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX Accu-P® Thin Film Capacitors offer enhanced RF power handling capability and improved mechanical characteristics. The devices exhibit minimal batch-to-batch variability of parameters at high frequency, low ESR, high Q, and very low capacitance values and tight capacitance tolerances. The Accu-P series includes automotive-grade, medical-grade, ultra-miniature, and standard capacitors. The RF power handling capability makes these KYOCERA AVX Accu-P capacitors ideal for use in both small-signal and RF power applications.


  • Internationally agreed upon sizes with excellent dimensional control
  • High stability with respect to time, temperature, frequency, and voltage variation
  • High temperature nickel/solder-coated terminations are standard
  • Electrically identical to the Accu-F® series


  • Cellular communications
  • Cordless telephone / personal communication networks (CT2/PCN)
  • Satellite TVs
  • Cable TVs
  • GPS
  • Paging
  • Radar systems
  • Filters
Published: 2018-06-26 | Updated: 2023-08-31