KYOCERA AVX TCB COTS+ Polymer Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX TCB COTS+ Polymer Capacitors are suited for critical applications that require low ESR with stable, high-frequency capacitance retention and longer lifetime performance. The TCB series is a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf-Plus (COTS+) version of the professional grade TCR polymer series. This TCB COTS+ series features an improved base reliability of 0.5%/1000hrs, a robust design for a long operation lifetime, and statistical screening that receives 100% preconditioning, including sure and accelerated aging. KYOCERA AVX TCB COTS+ Polymer Capacitors are ideal for long lifetime DC/DC converter applications in telecommunications, industrial, and avionics. 


  • Robust design for long operation lifetime
  • Statistical screening with accelerated aging
  • Surge testing level option
  • Benign failure mode under recommended use conditions


  • Long Lifetime DC/DC Converters
    • Telecommunications 
    • Industrial
    • Avionics


  • Improved basic reliability 0.5%/1000hrs
  • Humid environment capability: +85°C/85°RH, Vr, 500hrs/1000hrs
  • -55°C to +125°C operation temperature range
  • Shock and vibration to MIL-STD-202
  • 0.1CV DCL limit
  • 3x +260°C reflow compatible
Published: 2018-10-19 | Updated: 2023-01-03