Microchip Technology AT91SAM7 Flash Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology AT91SAM7 Flash Microcontrollers (MCUs) are based on the 32-bit ARM7TDMI® RISC processor. Microchip AT91SAM7L MCUs are ultra-low power devices embedding power switches controlling multiple power islands and programmable voltage regulators to reduce power consumption in active and standby modes. A91SAM7S MCUs feature up to 512K bytes of embedded high-speed Flash of high-speed Flash and up to 128K of SRAM, a large set of peripherals, including an 802.3 Ethernet MAC, and a CAN controller. A complete set of system functions minimizes the number of external components.

The embedded Flash memory can be programmed in-system via the JTAG-ICE interface or via a parallel interface on a production programmer prior to mounting. Built- in lock bits and a security bit protect the firmware from accidental overwrite and preserve its confidentiality.

The AT91SAM7 system controller includes a reset controller capable of managing the power-on sequence of the microcontroller and the complete system. Correct device operation can be monitored by a built-in brownout detector and a watchdog running off an integrated RC oscillator.

By combining the ARM7TDMI processor with on-chip Flash and SRAM, and a wide range of peripheral functions, including USART, SPI, CAN controller, Ethernet MAC, Timer Counter, RTT and analog-to-digital converters on a monolithic chip, the AT91SAM7 is a powerful device that provides a flexible, cost-effective solution to many embedded control applications requiring communication over Ethernet, wired CAN and ZigBee® wireless networks.


  • Incorporates the ARM7TDMI ARM Thumb® Processor
    • High-performance 32-bit RISC Architecture
    • High-density 16-bit Instruction Set
      • Leader in MIPS/Watt
    • EmbeddedICE In-circuit Emulation, Debug Communication Channel Support
  • Internal High-speed Flash
    • Up to 512K
      • Single Cycle Access at Up to 30MHz in Worst Case Conditions
      • Prefetch Buffer Optimizing Thumb Instruction Execution at Maximum Speed
      • Page Programming Time: 6ms, Including Page Auto-erase, Full Erase Time: 15ms
      • 10,000 Write Cycles, 10-year Data Retention Capability, Sector Lock Capabilities, Flash Security Bit
      • Fast Flash Programming Interface for High Volume Production
  • Internal High-speed SRAM, Single-cycle Access at Maximum Speed
    • Up to 128K
  • Memory Controller (MC)
    • Embedded Flash Controller, Abort Status and Misalignment Detection
  • Reset Controller (RSTC)
    • Based on Power-on Reset Cells and Low-power Factory-calibrated Brownout Detector
    • Provides External Reset Signal Shaping and Reset Source Status
  • Clock Generator (CKGR)
    • Low-power RC Oscillator, 3MHz to 20MHz On-chip Oscillator and one PLL
  • Power Management Controller (PMC)
    • Power Optimization Capabilities, Including Slow Clock Mode (Down to 500Hz) and Idle Mode
    • Four Programmable External Clock Signals
  • Advanced Interrupt Controller (AIC)
    • Individually Maskable, Eight-level Priority, Vectored Interrupt Sources
    • Two External Interrupt Sources and One Fast Interrupt Source, Spurious Interrupt Protected
  • Debug Unit (DBGU)
    • 2-wire UART and Support for Debug Communication Channel interrupt, Programmable ICE Access Prevention
    • Mode for General Purpose 2-wire UART Serial Communication
  • Periodic Interval Timer (PIT)
    • 20-bit Programmable Counter plus 12-bit Interval Counter
  • Windowed Watchdog (WDT)
    • 12-bit key-protected Programmable Counter
    • Provides Reset or Interrupt Signals to the System
    • Counter May Be Stopped While the Processor is in Debug State or in Idle Mode
  • Real-time Timer (RTT)
    • 32-bit Free-running Counter with Alarm
    • Runs Off the Internal RC Oscillator
  • Two Parallel Input/Output Controllers (PIO)
    • Sixty-two Programmable I/O Lines Multiplexed with up to Two Peripheral I/Os
    • Input Change Interrupt Capability on Each I/O Line
    • Individually Programmable Open-drain, Pull-up Resistor and Synchronous Output
  • Thirteen Peripheral DMA Controller (PDC) Channels
  • One USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbits per second) Device Port
    • On-chip Transceiver, 1352-byte Configurable Integrated FIFOs
  • One Ethernet MAC 10/100 base-T
    • Media Independent Interface (MII) or Reduced Media Independent Interface (RMII)
    • Integrated 28-byte FIFOs and Dedicated DMA Channels for Transmit and Receive
  • One Part 2.0A and Part 2.0B Compliant CAN Controller
    • Eight Fully-programmable Message Object Mailboxes, 16-bit Time Stamp Counter
  • One Synchronous Serial Controller (SSC)
    • Independent Clock and Frame Sync Signals for Each Receiver and Transmitter
    • I2S Analog Interface Support, Time Division Multiplex Support
    • High-speed Continuous Data Stream Capabilities with 32-bit Data Transfer
  • Two Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver Transmitters (USART)
    • Individual Baud Rate Generator, IrDA® Infrared Modulation/Demodulation
    • Support for ISO7816 T0/T1 Smart Card, Hardware Handshaking, RS485 Support
    • Full Modem Line Support on USART1
  • Two Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)
    • 8- to 16-bit Programmable Data Length, Four External Peripheral Chip Selects
  • One Three-channel 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC)
    • Three External Clock Inputs, Two Multi-purpose I/O Pins per Channel
    • Double PWM Generation, Capture/Waveform Mode, Up/Down Capability
  • One Four-channel 16-bit Power Width Modulation Controller (PWMC)
  • One Two-wire Interface (TWI)
    • Master Mode Support Only, All Two-wire Atmel EEPROMs and I2C Compatible Devices Supported
  • One 8-channel 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter, Four Channels Multiplexed with Digital I/Os
  • SAM-BA® Boot Assistance
    • Default Boot program
    • Interface with SAM-BA Graphic User Interface
  • IEEE® 1 JTAG Boundary Scan on All Digital Pins
  • 5V-tolerant I/Os, Including Four High-current Drive I/O lines, Up to 16mA Each
  • Power Supplies
    • Embedded 8V Regulator, Drawing up to 100 mA for the Core and External Components
    • 3V VDDIO I/O Lines Power Supply, Independent 3.3V VDDFLASH Flash Power Supply
    • 8V VDDCORE Core Power Supply with Brownout Detector
  • Fully Static Operation: Up to 55MHz at 1.65V and 85°C Worst Case Conditions
  • Available in 100-lead LQFP Green and 100-ball TFBGA Green Packages


  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • CAN/VAN Networking
  • Industrial and Consumer Appliances 

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Microchip Technology AT91SAM7 Flash Microcontrollers
Published: 2010-08-11 | Updated: 2022-03-11