Microchip Technology SAM R30 Ultra-Low Power RF Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology SAM R30 Ultra-Low Power RF Microcontrollers are a single-chip System in Package (SiP) incorporating an ultra-low-power MCU with an 802.15.4 sub-GHz radio. The SAM R30 MCUs deliver design flexibility and proven reliability all in a small 5mm x 5mm package, making it ideally suited for the connected home, smart city, and industrial applications. When used in a mesh network, the SAM R30 delivers reliable wide-area coverage for applications such as street lighting or wind and solar farms.

The Microchip Technology SAM R30 Ultra-Low Power RF MCUs, featuring Arm® Cortex® M0+ architecture, include ultra-low power sleep modes with wake from serial communication or General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) while consuming a mere 500nA. The SAM R30 SiPs are available in both a QFN-32 and QFN-48 package for design flexibility.


  • Arm Cortex-M0+ CPU running at up to 48MHz
    • Single-cycle hardware multiplier
    • Micro Trace Buffer (MTB)
  • Memory
    • 256KB in-system self-programmable Flash
    • 32KB SRAM
    • 8KB low power RAM
  • System
    • Power-on reset (POR) and brown-out detection (BOD)
    • Internal and external clock options with 48MHz Digital Frequency Locked Loop (DFLL48M) and 48MHz to 96MHz Fractional Digital Phase Locked Loop (FDPLL96M)
    • External Interrupt Controller (EIC)
    • Up to 15 external interrupts
    • One non-maskable interrupt
    • Two-pin Serial Wire Debug (SWD) programming, test, and debugging interface
  • Peripherals
    • 12-channel Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC)
    • 12-channel Event System
    • Up to three 16-bit Timer/Counters (TC), configurable
    • Three 16-bit Timer/Counters for Control (TCC), with extended functions
    • 32-bit Real Time Counter (RTC) with clock/calendar function
    • Watchdog Timer (WDT)
    • CRC-32 generator
    • One full-speed (12Mbps) Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 interface
    • Up to five Serial Communication Interfaces (SERCOM), USART, I2C up to 3.4MHz, SPI, LIN slave
    • One 12-bit, 350ksps Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) with up to eight external channels
    • Two Analog Comparators (AC) with window compare function
    • Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC): 48-Channel capacitive touch and proximity sensing
  • Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum with different modulation and data rates:
    • BPSK with 20kb/s and 40kb/s, compliant to IEEE® 802.15.4-2003/2006/2011
    • O-QPSK with 100kb/s and 250kb/s, compliant to IEEE® 802.15.4-2006/2011
    • O-QPSK with 250kb/s, compliant to IEEE 802.15.4-2011
    • O-QPSK with 200kb/s, 400kb/s, 500kb/s, and 1000kb/s PSDU data rate
    • RX Sensitivity up to -110dBm
    • TX Output Power up to +11dBm
    • Hardware-Assisted MAC, Auto-Acknowledge, Auto-Retry, CSMA-CA and Listen Before Talk (LBT)
    • Special IEEE 802.15.4™-2011 hardware support
    • Antenna Diversity and PA/LNA Control
    • 128Byte TX/RX Frame Buffer
    • Integrated 16MHz Crystal Oscillator (external crystal needed)
    • Fully integrated, fast settling Transceiver PLL to support Frequency Hopping
    • Hardware Security (AES, True Random Generator)
  • Low Power
    • Idle and standby sleep modes
    • SleepWalking peripherals
  • Integrated Ultra Low Power Transceiver for 700/800/900MHz ISM Band:
    • Chinese WPAN band from 779 to 787MHz
    • European SRD band from 863 to 870MHz
    • North American ISM band from 902 to 928MHz
    • Japanese band from 915 to 930MHz
  • 16/28 programmable I/O pins
  • Packages: 32-pin and 48-pin QFN
  • Operating Voltage: 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C Industrial
  • Power Consumption
    • Transceiver with microcontroller in idle mode (TX output power +5dBm): RX_ON = 9.4mA, BUSY_TX = 18.2mA
    • Active mode for the microcontroller down to 60μA/MHz
    • Standby mode for the microcontroller down to 1.4μA/MHz


  • Smart Agriculture
    • Cattle Tracking
    • Irrigation Monitoring
    • Smart Tractors
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
    • Container Tracking
    • Cold Chain Monitoring
    • Vehicle Tracking
  • Smart City
    • Street Lighting
    • Waste Management
    • Metering and Leak Detection

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Microchip Technology SAM R30 Ultra-Low Power RF Microcontrollers
Published: 2017-07-14 | Updated: 2022-03-22